Bilog’s Bucketlist

Sky dive, Swim with the dolphins, Learn how to Surf, Get Married. Really?  Get Married and be tied to your husband/wife so you can no longer continue your list. tsk tsk. bad idea, I suggest you delete it now. But seriously a bucket list is more than just a list and definitely not a to do list before you die, for me its a collection of dreams,of ideas, of goals, of things that we want to achieve, go and do in this life. For some it may look simple, it may seem easy or it may sound crazy but who cares this is my list, the list that put “Life” in my life. So what’s on your bucket list? None? I suggest you start listing now but if you already have one good luck on your journey and live a happy life. So what’s on my bucket list? Read on. 1. Travel all 81 provinces of the Philippines before I reach 30. As of this writing I’m already 28 and I’ve hit 69 provinces. 12 more to go. Kaya ko to.phl-map 2. Travel all countries in South East Asia. Excluding Philippines I’ve already hit 5 ( Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia). I’ll finish this once I’m done with the Philippines. SE Asia 3. Around the Philippines by land and sea. Yes, you read it right from Aparri to Sarangani to Zamboanga to Dumaguete to Boracay to Batangas to Manila all by land and sea. No airplane. 4. Trip to Bicol by train. Just want to experience Bicol Express. 5. Tour all provinces of Luzon in one trip, I’ve tried Mindanao so why not Luzon and Visayas. 6. Tour all provinces in Visayas from Allen, Samar to Boracay in one go. 7. Tour all provinces in Mindanao in one trip.  Done 8. Climb Mt. Pinatubo crater lake. 9. Explore Batanes. Done 10. Explore Tawi tawi. Done 11. Enjoy India 12. Visit Egypt and the Pyramids 13.Visit Machu Picchu in Peru 14. Explore Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 15. Calm myself and reflect in Rome and the Holy land. This i really want to go before i die. 16. Enjoy New York and the Statue of Liberty. This is the only city in the US that i want to visit. 17. Be romantic in Eiffel tower. Cheesy lang. 18. Solo long term travel of at least 6months and at least before i get married. 19. Cruise. Still not decided if Asian or Caribbean, and If solo or with someone.Hmm? What you think? 20. Hot Air balloon ride with my special someone. Either in Pampanga when money is a problem or in Cambodia if i can get a promo fare. 21. Learn Scuba diving and get a license. 22. Start a blog. 23. Have my own house and lot 24. Marry ____<- insert name. And have a family. At least  I’ve done my travels before I get tied up. 25. Have my own business. 26. To be continue…………. Note: Sponsors are accepted specially on international trips. Thanks. ***Credit to the owners of the map/photo.